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Mangrove Pitta : Archival Print

Mangrove Pitta : Archival Print

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Species : Pitta megarhyncha

The Mangrove Pitta, a captivating bird celebrated for its striking appearance and unique habitat, is a gem of the coastal ecosystems. This species gets its name from the lush mangrove forests it calls home. Its plumage is a dazzling tapestry of colours, featuring a vibrant mix of azure, cobalt, and emerald green on its wings, back, and head. A striking black mask surrounds its eyes and stretches down to its throat, contrasting vividly with the white throat and ochre belly. This vivid contrast creates a visually stunning ensemble.

These avian wonders can be found in the mangrove habitats of Southeast Asia, including regions like Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Myanmar. In terms of diet, Mangrove Pittas are insectivores and carnivores. Their foraging habits involve hunting for small crabs, insects, and other invertebrates that inhabit the mangrove mudflats. Their role in the ecosystem involves helping to control insect and crab populations, which is crucial for the health and balance of their coastal habitats. They also contribute to seed dispersal when they feed on fruits, thus supporting the propagation of various plant species in these unique environments.

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    Small Prints : 5X7 Inches - Makes a great gift or addition to your desk

    Regular Prints : 8X10 Inches - Standard Frame Size

Museum Grade Archival Printing

All prints are done with high quality archival pigment-based inks on 100% acid-free, museum-grade fine art papers.

Gilcée Prints (or Archival Prints) are designed to last you a really long time. These are printed on an inkjet printer which ‘sprays ink’. These printers use 12 pigment-based inks instead of the usual 4 dye-based inks, so colour reproduction is more accurate.

The paper is also textured, similar to the papers that the original paintings are made on, making them look very much like an actual painting, rather than a print. 

There can be a minor difference in colours in the physical prints from what you see on screen. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the artwork look exactly like the images?

Please note that you're looking at digital images of the artwork. Each and every laptop or phone screen displays colours differently. Expect mild variations in colour from what you see on screen.

I assure you that the print inevitably looks 100 times better in person. 😄

What medium was used for this artwork?

All these paintings were done using Artist Grade Gouache on Italian Acid-Free Hot Pressed paper. This is a printed reproduction of the original artwork. If you'd like to view my originals, click here.

Is the frame included?

No, the price includes the artwork, without the frame. The frame shown in the image is for representation purpose only. If you'd like to discuss options of framing, please write to after placing your order.

How should I preserve the print?

To ensure longevity, please try not to handle the print with bare hands, or clean and dry your hands thoroughly before handling.

Keep the print out of direct sunlight as that can cause mild discolouration of the paper over time.

The print is done on museum grade acid-free paper. However, framing it with glass would help you to protect it a lot better.

When framing, use a mount board to prevent the glass from directly touching the paper.

When will the artwork be shipped?

Your artwork will be shipped within 10 working days after your order is placed.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, the shipping cost will be added at checkout. Please write to for any queries.

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