How I set up my new art studio: Tips & Inspirations

How I set up my new art studio: Tips & Inspirations

I recently moved and that meant that I got to set up a whole new studio space to create art and content. I was determined to make the space as beautiful and functional as possible. I wanted the space to reflect my personality but also inspire me to create and be productive. This pushed me to reflect a lot to figure out what I want out of the space, what I am like when working, and what I can do to make this space functional but also aesthetically pleasing. 

In this video, I show you how I went about achieving that! 

I chose to keep a lot of my space white not only because I am drawn to it when it comes to spaces and art, but also because it helps reflect light well and helps keep the space bright. Especially since this room has undisturbed light coming in from two directions. Keeping the studio predominantly white also gave me the freedom to add accents and pops of colour that stand out beautifully. 

It was important for me that everything around me has a story behind it as it helps me feel inspired and connected to my space. 

I furnished my studio space with desks from a homegrown brand Desqoo and shelves and drawer units from Ikea. The Alex Drawer Unit is one that I particularly love for storing all my supplies, sketchbooks and completed artwork. I decorated my art studio with curtains and decals from another homegrown brand Kalakaari Haath. I think one of the best parts of setting up new spaces is discovering new brands like these. I also added a few beautiful pieces of vintage-style botanical artwork to the wall as this is a style that I am most drawn to and inspired by. 

In the video, I’ve gone into detail and shown how I organise my art supplies, video equipment and finished artwork by using the space and shelves as efficiently as possible. Do check it out and let me know what you think of my space and if you think I can add or do something to make it even better! 

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