Can Daily Sketchbooking Truly Transform Your Art?

Can Daily Sketchbooking Truly Transform Your Art?

Welcome, everyone! Today, I am excited to share my journey with sketchbooking throughout the course of 2023. During this time, I discovered a lot about myself, my art, and the unexpected lessons that came along the way.

In 2023, I set myself a challenge: to sketchbook every day for 100 days. This is a common habit recommended within the art community, yet my experience differed significantly, leading to some truly surprising outcomes.

At the beginning of the year, I was grappling with my identity as an artist. My Instagram feed from that time showcases a plethora of styles and subjects, as I immersed myself in a journey of self-discovery. From watercolor botanicals to ethnic Indian art using gouache, landscapes to still life — I experimented with it all.

Interestingly, throughout this exploration, I developed a fascination with a particular subject — birds and bugs. This interest extended beyond my sketchbook, permeating my personal life and even leading to birdwatching trips with my husband.

Although my initial goal was to sketchbook for 100 consecutive days, I hit a milestone at day 50. While I didn't complete the full 100 days, the impact of this challenge was significant. I started 2023 with a vision to create an art collection featuring birds, but my style was undefined and my vision unclear. The daily practice of sketchbooking helped clarify both.

During this process, I was reminded of Seth Godin's book, "The Practice", which emphasizes the importance of a consistent creative practice. This powerful message resonated with me as my daily commitment led to profound growth and remarkable breakthroughs in my art.

However, the journey wasn't without its challenges. I experienced a burnout, both mentally and physically. This served as a reminder that we often put excessive pressure on ourselves to show up daily, even when it takes a toll on our wellbeing.

This led me to question whether there might be a more sustainable approach to art. Just like life, art has its seasons—some for creation, some for rest, and others for seeking inspiration. It's crucial to recognize and respect these cycles.

With this newfound perspective, I allowed myself the space to play and explore in my sketchbook, to soak in inspiration, and to experiment with new things, such as acrylic paint. This balanced approach led to the creation of a mini-collection titled "Crowning Glory," after which I took some well-deserved rest.

In my latest Skillshare class, I guide you through the entire process of creating a fine art collection—from the initial spark of inspiration to mood boards, from the creation process to marketing and selling your work to collectors. I invite you to join me in this class and witness the very collection I'm painting in this video come to life.

So, let's embark on this journey together. Let's find inspiration, create, rest, and repeat the process. I eagerly look forward to seeing where this journey takes us. Until next time, take care and keep creating.

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